Surge Analysis

Surge analysis investigates the rapid changes in pressures and flows caused by transient operations of pumps and valves. Unchecked it can result in cracked pump casings, pipe leakage, contamination and environmental damage.

Surge analysis is a routine tool used in the design of new pipelines when large volumes of liquid are being transferred or in shorter systems when the liquid is particularly hazardous. On new systems we can help clients choose pipe material, for example between polyethylene and carbon steel in water systems. Where there is evidence of existing problems we can set up a computer model and use it to confirm causes and develop possible solutions.

We use Flowmaster software which is one of the most widely used packages – it is also used by some of Spectrum’s clients. Initial surge analysis models built up by ourselves can be handed over to our clients to allow them to simulate future plant conditions.

Projects include:

  • Cooling water and LNG loading systems, Yemen LNG Co, for Technip
  • Preliminary analysis of rising main, Thetford water treatment works, for AWG
  • Butane Network modifications, Wilton, UK for Huntsman Petrochemicals
  • Water metering system analysis, Nottingham UK, for Smartmeter Ltd
  • Diesel distribution systems, Ipswich, UK for Vopak
  • Debrining system analysis, E.ON Holford Gas Storage, UK
  • Firewater system analysis, Yemen, for Total