Office and Commercial Development Acoustics

Commercial developments which include areas of open and cellular office space demand attention to acoustic detail at the design stage of the project.

Whilst some consideration has to be given to issues of noise from the mechanical services radiating into the environment and external noise entering the office spaces themselves, the most demanding acoustic issues arise internally in ensuring the right acoustic conditions exist for office and conference space users.

Acoustic privacy between workstations in open plan areas is considered through the selection and optimum location of absorbent surfaces and screens. 3D acoustic modelling using Odeon software can be a useful design tool. Reverberation control is necessary in break-out areas and atria using, for example, banners and patched absorption.

Then there is the common problem of poor sound insulation between private offices and meeting rooms. Spectrum Acoustic Consultants work closely with clients, architects, interiors designers and fit-out contractors to resolve these problems.

A guide to the Acoustic Design of Offices is also available in the Downloads section of our website.

Projects include:

  • Exxon-Mobil HQ, London
  • Citibank, London
  • Peldon Rose office fit-outs, London
  • London Merchant Securities, City Road Estate, London