Instrumentation Capability

Without site measurement data we would have no knowledge of how effective acoustic or noise design work has been or whether levels comply with client’s performance criteria. Site measurements are a scientific way of being able to determine success or failure of a project.

All our measurement and consultancy services are quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and our large range of instrumentation is subject to a strict external calibration regime traceable to national and international standards. This is required in particular for our legal and planning work and also for sound insulation testing, where many of our staff are accredited to undertake pre-completion sound insulation testing in the UK.

We have a very high capability and depth, in measurement of sound and vibration, including the latest in top range equipment to measure and analyse noise and vibration, most of this is provided by the leading manufacturer Bruel and Kjaer (B&K).

Sound and Vibration Instrumentation

  • B&K 2270 Sound Intensity System including Pulse Software
  • B&K 2250 Sound Level System (6 sets)
  • B&K 2250 ‘Light’ Sound Level System (3 sets)
  • B&K 2260 Sound Level System (6 sets)
  • B&K 2238 Sound Level Systems (8 sets)
  • B&K 4292 Omnidirectional sound source and other powered speakers
  • Norsonic 211 Tapping machine (3 sets)
  • SVAN 958 4 Channel Sound and Vibration Analysis System
  • VIBROCK 901 Seismograph (2 sets)
  • B&K 4294 Vibration Calibration System
  • DAVIS Vantage Vue Automatic Weather Station (2 sets)

In addition, we have all the ancillary transducers, calibrators, weatherproofing systems and modem/comms systems integral with these systems to make them suitable for long term field monitoring.

Procedures and methods for carrying out measurements are identified in Spectrum’s own Standards library, where we keep up to date versions of all relevant UK, and many international Standards.