Retail Acoustic Design

Working with the developers’ team means designing into the shell and core structure, features that will enable the planned uses of the project to be realised. We advise on the acoustic feasibility of the proposed mix of tenants at an early stage. Later, acoustic performance specifications are developed. Early liaison with the local planning authority on noise policy along with advance agreement on draft noise planning conditions can speed the consent process and avoid later misunderstandings.

We advise potential tenants on the acoustic suitability of premises. This may require site measurements. Alternatively, we can undertake a desk-top assessment of the structure and noise environment. We consider any requirements imposed by the landlord and negotiate on the tenant’s behalf seeking changes to the landlord’s specification where it is unnecessarily burdensome. We advise tenants on acoustic upgrade work and warn on the acoustic risks of moving into spaces adjoining tenancies generating high noise or vibration levels.

Projects include:

  • 600 J D Wetherspoon pubs
  • 30 Hard Rock Cafés
  • 10 Tesco stores
  • 20 Aldi stores
  • Lidl and Asda stores
  • 15 Royal Mail sorting offices