Offshore Platform Noise

Powerful and noisy machinery adjoining working and resting areas sums up the challenge facing designers of offshore platforms and installations.

Safety concerns are paramount and computer prediction of offshore oil or gas platform noise using Predictor and Odeon software packages, allows noise contours on each deck, and within quiet areas to be predicted. Levels are important for the design of PA and GA systems. In other working areas such as control rooms, noise has to be reduced to allow normal communication and telephone usage.

But it is away from the machinery areas where the real difficulties arise, in the associated living quarters. Standards for noise and vibration will depend upon local country regulations and Operator Standards.

Spectrum has undertaken a wide range of offshore oil platform noise studies and drilling rig noise projects in the Persian Gulf, South Atlantic and the North Sea, and also on a number of FPSOs.

Projects include:

  • ADMA-OPCO Zakum Crestal field, UAE
  • BG/Shell Miskar field, Tunisia
  • Total Al Khalij field, Qatar
  • Shell Cawthorne Channel, Nigeria
  • AGIP KCO Kashagan project, Caspian Sea
  • IOOC Reshadat offshore project, Iran
  • Statoil Peregrino 2, Brazil
  • Statoil Mariner, North Sea