Piling Vibration Monitoring for Construction

Drilled auger and other rotary piling techniques do not generate significant vibration and are the method of choice for vibration sensitive construction sites. Ground conditions and type of pile sometimes require the use of impact or driven piling techniques and this will give rise to ground vibration transmission.

Often carried out at the same time as noise evaluations, monitoring of ground or building vibration produced by piling operations can be required at the commencement of the site preparation work on a construction site. Surveys might be carried out during the first few hours of the first day of piling. Results have to be written up quickly and often delivered to the local planning authority later in the day to demonstrate that the piling work is not exceeding pre-agreed limits.

Projects include:

  • Channel tunnel rail link for Morgan Vinci
  • Hunstanton sea wall for Aarsleff Piling
  • Blackpool promenade redevelopment for Birse Civils
  • St Denys rail protection scheme, for Commercial and Marine Piling
  • Brentford lock for Commercial and Marine Piling