Power Station Noise Control

There is an increasing range of power plants being constructed to meet carbon emissions and NOx targets. Each type of plant poses a particular technical challenge to the noise consultant.

Detailed knowledge of equipment and what its noise characteristics are is the key to successful noise control design. This is particularly important at the feasibility and preliminary design phases when options and noise control strategies are still being developed. Too often schemes are developed with no real knowledge of the actual noise likely to be generated and with no understanding of how to reduce noise and achieve often very stringent environmental noise limits.

We offer unrivalled experience and knowledge of noise in the power industry having undertaken over 300 major projects worldwide ranging from CCGT and coal fired power plants in Chile to windfarms in Scotland.

Other projects include:

  • 120 CCGT and CHP new power stations worldwide
  • FGD plants at West Burton and Cottam power stations for Edf Energy
  • FGD plants in Bulgaria and Turkey
  • Wide range of onshore wind farms generating renewable energy
  • 20 Hydro plants in Scotland and Norway
  • Various waste to energy plants
  • Various diesel generators