Pulsation Troubleshooting for Pulsation Induced Vibration

Where high levels of compressor or pipework vibration are experienced on site, or pipe fatigue failures occur, a site survey may be required. Spectrum can visit site, at short notice, and measure in-pipe acoustic pressures via instrument tapping points and external vibration of pipework or the compressor itself. Measurement equipment includes the SVAN 958 4 Channel Vibration Analysis System.

Measured data is then analysed, with reference made to internationally recognized standards and guidance including ISO 10816 and the guidelines issued by the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors (EFRC). The analysis will determine whether vibration levels are acceptable for long term operation and whether pipe fatigue failures are likely to occur.

Alongside the measured data, acoustic and mechanical computer models of the system can be constructed, if required, to help develop appropriate solutions to reduce vibration levels and avoid fatigue failures. These solutions may include additional pipe supports; modifications to existing pipe supports or support structures; and installation of orifice plates to detune internal acoustic resonances.