Vibration Monitoring of Seismic Ground Investigations: Seismic Vibration Survey

Geologists use explosive charges or surface vibroseis vehicles to generate sound waves sent into the ground and reflected back from interesting rock strata. Generally these investigations are looking for oil or gas. This can cause noticeable vibration or damage in nearby sensitive utilities pipelines or buildings.

We carry out real time vibration monitoring during these field tests providing immediate feedback to the survey teams allowing them to optimize explosive charges and vibroseis force levels to avoid causing damage.

Projects include:

  • 3D and 2D surveys at Sellafield, UK for BNFL
  • Nebit Dag project, Turkmenistan for Monument Oil and Gas
  • Embayment program, Bilbao, Spain for YCI Espana
  • 3D survey in Poole Harbour for BP Exploration
  • Structural vibration survey, Vilsek, Germany