Transportation and Distribution Noise Control

Transport and distribution are the lifeblood of industry and if their ability to function efficiently is obstructed, then industry suffers.

But transport and distribution by their nature involve heavy transportation, machinery and 24/7 operations, bringing them straight into potential conflict with planning departments when they seek to co-exist with communities.

BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound is the standard usually applicable to assessing noise from Distribution Centres, and it requires comparison between background noise levels and operational noise levels to assess the likely impact on those affected.

Where there is a clear case of existing or future noise disturbance due to transport and distribution, acoustically beneficial changes to current or proposed practices (eg. using different truck routes to exploit acoustic screening from existing buildings) may be possible with little impact on operations. However, where such changes are not practical, Spectrum can advise on the benefits of other means of reducing noise levels (eg. the use of damped materials in loading bays, acoustic screening or earth bunds or machinery noise mitigation).

All options can be considered and, where necessary, options can be assessed against cost using computer based environmental noise modelling.

In some cases, an existing planning restriction may no longer even be appropriate for the current or proposed activities, and demonstration through measurement can lead to such restrictions being relaxed.

Projects include:

  • Noise Impact Assessment for Eddie Stobart lorry park
  • Planning Noise Reports for multiple Royal Mail sorting centres
  • Noise Intrusion Study for The Boeing Company
  • Noise Impact Assessment for Excel Europe Daventry distribution facility
  • Computer based noise prediction, modelling and monitoring during rail bridge repairs for BAM Nuttal Section 61 application
  • Noise Impact Assessment for JJB Sports distribution centre at Wigan