Vibration Isolation Design: Vibration Consultants

Vibration levels barely above the threshold of perception can be enough to be annoying and disturb people both at work and in their homes.

Machinery from plant rooms near sensitive spaces can be a source of both felt vibration and audible structure borne noise, and techniques for supporting equipment and pipework on anti-vibration mounts (AVMs) are generally very effective.

Transportation systems, especially railways, tram and metro systems are a major source of this type of structural energy. Rubber ballast mats are used to control structural noise and vibration.

Sensitive spaces can be equally protected from vibration and structure borne noise sources by fitting anti-vibration bearings under these spaces and ensuring energy flanking the AVM system is controlled.

Projects include:

  • Keadby Power Station cooling water pumphouse building
  • Mariner Oil Platform offices, conference and control suite, for Statoil
  • Vibration from metro affecting 44 storey residential tower, London
  • Vue Cinema, Underground Piccadilly, London, for Chelsfield
  • High quality lift-car development study for Schindler
  • Fawley refinery compressor pipe isolation design