Equipment Noise Testing to ISO Standards

Knowing precisely the noise levels emanating from individual machinery is important.

Spectrum measure noise both for OEMs as well as Contractors and Clients in order to be able to establish whether limits specified just for that equipment in the contract have been achieved. Tests can be done either using sound pressure detecting equipment to ISO 3744 and 3746 or sound intensity equipment to ISO 9614-2; the latter method being more accurate. We have our own sound intensity equipment which is fully portable and we use on more critical projects. Sound intensity equipment enables noise radiation patterns to be superimposed on images of the source to help pinpoint ‘noise hotspots’.

The size of a source being tested affects the time taken for the test and also the equipment to be used. To measure noise above equipment can require the use of microphones on the end of extendable carbon fibre poles. Sometimes, the environment is hostile/dangerous and unmanned instrumentation is lifted into place for measurement using a crane.