Noise Control Design

As noise control consultants we undertake detailed design of noise control solutions and acoustic product design. This might be for a number of reasons including cost saving; the clients preference to closely control the design; the need for local country manufacture; or the unavailability of standard noise control treatments in the market place. We work closely with the client and their own designers and engineers to develop the right solution.

Spectrum’s knowledge of noise and how it is controlled in practice has lead to detailed design and project supervision work for a wide range of projects around the world.

Projects include:

  • Design and project management of noise control for over 15 hydro stations in UK
  • Noise reduction study for seat-belt tensioner for Volvo cars
  • Design of silencers for GE gas turbines for various US and UK manufacturers
  • Design of quiet high pressure venting system in submarines, UK
  • Design of noise control for Renca CCGT station, Chile, for AES Chile
  • Acoustic door design and testing of pocket acoustic door system for Royde & Tucker, UK