Better Noise Conditions in your Clubhouse

20 June 2022 by Nick Treby, Principal Consultant

The clubhouse bar is at the centre of every golf club. But as the members come in after the monthly medal, in no time at all the noise increases and it can be really difficult to hold conversations, even with people standing close by. This means that people don’t stay as long as they otherwise would. For some people, this means the bar is a place they deliberately avoid.

We’ve had great success with John O’Gaunt Golf Club in Bedfordshire to improve the acoustic conditions in their clubhouse conservatory. This means people stay at the club longer, enjoy the social side of membership even more, and spend a little more money on food and drink.

There are a huge range of acoustic treatments available. You can put acoustic panels on the wall or ceiling. You can have smooth spray on finishes that are indistinguishable from a painted plastered wall. There are stretch fabric systems that can hide a myriad of cracks or peeling paintwork. You can print acoustic panels with artwork or course photographs. You can hang panels, rafts and clouds from the ceiling.

We offer a service to golf clubs where we will:

  • Visit the club, measure the room, and do some calculations to establish the existing acoustic conditions.
  • Calculate the amount and type of acoustic treatment that is needed – often, a little bit, in the right locations, goes a long way.
  • Speak to three suppliers and installers of acoustic treatments to get some budget prices for you and your committee to consider.

We can help with other acoustic issues too – noisy equipment, noise at work (for green staff especially), complaints about noise from neighbours, air conditioning plant, pump rooms, music from function suites and almost anything else you can think of.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above in further detail, please contact us using any of the options on our contact page.

“Our conservatory looked great after a recent refurbishment, but even with just a few people there, it was so noisy you’d struggle to hear and be heard. Spectrum showed us what could be done and got prices for us from a few suppliers and installers, so we could consider options. We then picked a supplier and installer, who did the works over the course of a day, and although you can’t see the acoustic treatment (unless you know what you are looking for) the conservatory is transformed . It is one of the most popular areas of the clubhouse, members are staying longer, and food and drink revenue has benefitted.” Gordon MacLeod, General Manager, John O’Gaunt Golf Club.

Better Noise Conditions in your Clubhouse